From the Dean

  • After going through the distance studies options for university, I realised how difficult it was. And I couldn’t understand why. Why is it that when you are trying to improve your life, it’s not only expensive, but you can’t seem to find decent resources anywhere. Lecturers never answer emails, or phone calls. And tutor classes just cost more money.


  • It became my dream to improve this method in South Africa and Namibia. I wanted to offer affordable education to those that cannot afford tertiary education any other way, while at the same time providing a service that is outstanding. We live in a modern age where technology has opened doors. With this I believe should open opportunities.


  • Imperium is aimed at the working student. We aim to provide resources that will answer all questions. Interactive time with lecturers and on top of this an international accredited degree, because you are worth it. By committing to study whilst working and keeping up all your other responsibilities, we would like to reward you. Work hard and achieve, not just now reachable good results, but also open worldwide doors. With an Imperium degree you can work anywhere in the world. Wherever the opportunities may lead you, there will be nothing holding you back now. No more saying no or postponing, now you can do it all. And now is a good time to start.