Message from the Dean

In a modern world and modern times we have to adapt our way of teaching. Across the world students are now more tuned up with the newest technology and easily distracted by alternative methods. It is when faced with this problem that we decided to take the bull by the horns and create an education degree that will not just challenge the learners but that will also end with a higher level of education in the classroom. An educational method that will inspire creativity, break the normal cycle and create learners with a passion in life.

Students in the Education department are motivated to do part time teaching as a teaching assistant from day one and apply the knowledge gained from their studies to their surrounding activities. From using face-to-face methods to implementing digital media, students will be able to create a learner atmosphere that is imperative for survival; not only for them, but for their learners too.

Our Psychology with Education degree offers the same subjects for all majors in the first 2 years. Only in the 3rd year do we split pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher education. This is due to our main vision being the same for all departments: We would like to create creativity. Out the window are the basic teaching methods and in we come with developmental techniques that will help students not only adjust, but also thrive in the cut-throat environment we send them into when they are done.

At Imperium University we create the most wanted teachers in the world. Teachers that are not just well prepared professionally or with the most knowledge in their subject area, but teachers that will be able to recognise and develop inspired students. Teachers that will form a vision in their students that will aid them in taking on the world. Teachers that form the most important part of their learner’s base.

For those that would like to enter into a more formal educational environment we offer Educational Studies. This degree is more focused on business training and the creation of teaching methodologies. The challenge teachers will face here is that most of their learners’ base of education is already formed at this stage and it will be up to them to inspire creativity here.

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Calculating your Minimum Required Score

MR-Score (Minimum Requirement Score) will be calculated as follows:

Only your highest 5 subjects will count toward you MR-Score.

MR-Score IEB / NSC / NSSC IGCSE AS-Levels A-Levels
9 80-100
8 80-100 70-79
7 80-100 90-100 70-79 60-69
6 70-79 70-89 60-69 50-59
5 60-69 60-69 50-59 40-49
4 50-59 50-59 40-49 30-39
3 40-49 40-49 30-39 0-29
2 30-39 30-39 0-29
1 0-29 0-29

Applicants that do not meet the minimum requirements will be temporarily accepted on condition that bridging subjects are successfully completed in the first 6 months of their course.

Student Admissions and Administration

Students that wish to start their studies in January 2018 need to have applied by 30 November 2017. Students that wish to start their studies in July 2018 need to have applied by 31 May 2018.

You may apply for a maximum of three degrees at a time accompanied by an application fee of R/N$ 120.

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Undergraduate Programmes

  • A student will be considered for admission when they are in possession of a certificate that is the equivalent of a Grade 12 in either Namibia or South Africa. When a student has already graduated from another tertiary institution, Imperium University will be accepted on those qualifications.
  • Each BEd degree consists of multiple year modules over a minimum of 3 years.
  • A maximum of 7 years will be given to a part time student to finish each degree with a minimum of 3 subjects passed in the first year and 2 in the years that follow.

BEd Educational Studies

Total MR-Score English requirement Mathematics requirement
25 MR-Score of 4 MR Score of 4

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Introduction to Educational Studies Global Issues in Education Dissertation
Sociology of the Education Foundation Policy and Politics in Education Employment Education
Learning Methods The Inequalities in Education
Educated Society Radical Education
Literacy, Language and Communication Modern World Education
Education in General Media
Education Basics


2nd Year 3rd Year
Archival Research And Oral History Gender, Sexuality And Feminism In Everyday Lives
Educating And Organising For Social Justice Rights, Equality And Justice In Education
The Learning Sciences Youth And Youth Movements In The Modern World
Philosophical Research In Education Youth In A Globalising World
Researching Education And Society: Qualitative Methods Education, Religion And State: Historical And Contemporary Developments
Social History Of Learning And Learners
Ways Of Thinking And Ways Of Being
Sociology Of Childhood
Creativity And Education
Literacies Across The Life Course
Educating Minorities, Migrants And Refugees

Career options include: Business Education, Educational Research.

BEd Psychology with Education

Total MR-Score English requirement Mathematics requirement
24 MR-Score of 4 MR Score of 3/4*

*3 for Pre-Primary and Primary
4 for Secondary and Higher Education

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year (Pre-Primary and Primary) 3rd Year (Secondary and Higher)
Introduction to Educational Studies How the Brain Learns Methods of Teaching and Learning Language, Culture and Learning
Psychological Research Cognitive Psychology Specialised Modules Educational Media and Language
Behavioural Science Individual Personalities Professional Practice Professional Practice
Learning Methods Research Methods and Statistics
Educated Society Education in Developmental Society
Education in General Media


2nd Year
The Learning Sciences
Sociology of Childhood
Educating and Organising for Social Justice
Choose 2

Career options include: Actuary, Quantitative Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Investment Analyst and Statistician.