Normal academic year runs January to December 2018.
Registration opens 30 September 2017 and closes 10 December 2017 for Semester 1.

Registration opens 31 March 2018 and closes 11 June 2018.
Semester 1 will run January to June with exams starting mid-May (14 May 2018).
Semester 2 will run July to December with exams starting mid-November (13 May 2018).
Year subjects will have a mid-year exam in the June session as well but major exam will be in November/December.


Northern hemisphere academic calendar will run September to August (September 2018 – August 2019).
Registration opens 31 May 2018 and closes 6 August 2018 for semester 1.

Registration opens 30 November 2019 and closes 11 February 2019 for Semester 2.
Semester 1 will run September to February, with exams starting mid-January. (14 January 2019)
Semester 2 will run March to August, with exam starting mid-July. (15 July 2019)


There is not fixture regarding to what subjects may be taken in which semester.  Students are allowed to register for any subject in any semester and also for year subjects starting in semester 2 of their academic year.