Test & Examination Information


  • All students will need to register an invigilator for their exams. An invigilator can be anyone that is not a family member or close friend. The duty of the invigilator is to invigilate all exams for the student on behalf of Imperium University.
  • The invigilator will ensure that exam procedure is followed at all times. In the case of unethical behaviour both the student and the invigilator will be held accountable. Please note that if found guilty of any unethical behaviour, both the student and the invigilator will not be allowed to study at any educational institution for a minimum of 5 years.
  • In order for the invigilator to be registered on the students’ profile, they first need to complete the invigilation course and obtain an invigilation number. Without the necessary registration, the invigilator will not be allowed to act as an invigilator for any student.
  • All exam papers need to be uploaded through the students portal in PDF form. It is the student and invigilator's responsibility to ensure the exam paper is uploaded correctly and in full with no missing pages.
  • Please note that all exam papers will be locked and only be accessible for the duration of the exam. If the answer book is not uploaded in time the portal will lock and students will be marked as absent for the exam.


  • Anyone that wishes to register as an invigilator can log on to the Imperium University website and search for the course for Invigilation.
  • The Invigilator can then register for the course by completing the invigilator's application form. Please note that this application will have no cost involved.
  • After completion of the application, the invigilator will receive an email and invigilator number that they can use to log into the training course.
  • Upon successful completion of the training course, invigilators will receive an invigilation code to be used for all test/exams invigilated.
  • Students need to register their invigilators under their student profile to ensure their invigilators receive their exam details for each exam in time.


Your final year exam will be written in at set locations all over. We take high care in ensuring you do not need to travel far for these exams. It is therefore of utmost importance to keep your address updated at all times as this will ensure we accommodate you in your current location.