Vision & Mission


At Imperium University we want to offer affordable higher education to working individuals through visual mediums, giving them the total “classroom feeling” at a time convenient to each individual. We aim to create a medium for personal success through diversity and equity in employment. Individuals can embark on career related education and training.


Providing Higher Education that is affordable, yet of imperative value.

Starting with Commercial and Education degrees offered from Bachelors to Masters Level as well as bridging courses to those who lack exemption.

In the long term we would be adding on Science, Medicine and Engineering Degrees to the programme.


Imperium University wants to provide the ultimate education for part time students that have to work in order to pay for their studies. We would like to provide them with not just a degree with international accreditation, but also provide a support system that guides them thoroughly through each module.

Our goal is to have weekly videos for the students that will make them feel as part of a classroom. With an interactive whiteboard, students and lecturers will be able to communicate and resolve any issues that pop up within the module.

No more than 1 multiple choice assignment will be given in a semester as a written assignment provides a much better view of a student’s ability and understanding of the work that was covered. This way, students and lecturers will know what to expect in the exams as well as identify any problem areas way in advance of the exam. This will also provide Imperium University with a better qualification, making them the ultimate online part-time university.